Travel Neck Zoned Dough® in Chamomile, Lavender, or Peppermint

Travel Neck Zoned Dough® in Chamomile, Lavender, or Peppermint

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Relax naturally when you travel with plush memory foam paired with relaxing scent. Plush, pressure-easing Dough® memory foam is infused with the scent of chamomile, lavender, or peppermint oil. Roman chamomile is known for its soothing and relaxing properties. Lavender has long been used as a natural way to promote relaxation and deep sleep. Peppermint is known to aid in deep, clear breathing and promote clarity of mind, and peppermint is antimicrobial. Ergonomically-shaped pillow features Zoned Technology, which improves support, comfort and breathability. A beautiful and soft Tencel® mesh cover adds the temperature- and moisture-regulating comfort of eco-friendly fabric. Aromatherapy spray not included with travel size pillows.

  • Zoned Dough® memory foam
  • Infused with chamomile, lavender, or peppermint oil
  • Great for car and plane rides
  • Dough® memory foam is soft and supportive
  • Breathable Tencel® mesh cover offers great moisture and temperature regulation
  • Ergonomic design supports the natural curves of your head, neck and shoulders


Known to induce sleep, improve mood, and relieve tension.


Known to induce sleep and regulate sleep cycles.


Known to help with respiratory function, ease tension headaches, and calm stress.


Width: 11 inches

Length: 12 inches

Height: 4 inches

Dough memory foam infused with natural Chamomile, Lavender or Peppermint scent

Tenel Mesh Cover

Pin-Core Ventilation

Care Instructions


Before Use - Dough® memory foam pillows are sensitive to temperature. When exposed to colder temperatures your pillow will become firmer. Your body heat will help the foam soften. Do not use an external heat source on the pillow; doing so will damage the pillow and void your warranty. New memory foam may initially have a slight odor; it is completely harmless and will dissipate over a short time with regular use. To expedite odor dissipation, remove and wash the cover and place the pillow in a dry sunny location.

Washing Care - Pre-wash the zippered cover before first use. Wash zippered cover separate from other items as the zipper may cause damage to clothing or linens. Wash the zippered cover in warm water using a non-chlorine bleach detergent on a gentle cycle with a cold water rinse. The pillow can be spot cleaned with mild detergent by hand only; do not soak or machine wash the foam. Rinse with warm water.

Detergent - Use a mild liquid detergent, preferably non-alkaline, without added bleach or whiteners.

Bleaching - Do not use chlorine bleach as it can weaken fibers and cause them to yellow prematurely. If white fabrics need bleaching, use an oxygen-based bleach.

Drying - Tumble dry zippered cover on low heat. • Never use a high heat setting or over dry; this will weaken the fibers, cause shrinkage and shorten the life of the cover. • After spot cleaning the pillow, dry at room temperature away from heat or light. Do not machine wash or dry.


5 year Warranty

What is Covered - This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship with the exceptions stated below.

How Long Coverage Lasts - This warranty runs for 5 (five) years from the date of purchase.

What is Not Covered - The warranty applies only to the original purchaser and does not cover: (a) wear and tear; (b) damage caused by abuse or failure to follow care instructions; (c) normal changes in so ness or resilience (including impressions less than 1.5 inches in depth); or (d) stains.

What We Will Do - At its sole discretion, we'll repair, replace, or refund any pillow that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship.

How to Get Service - E-mail “” to submit your warranty claim. Please keep your receipt so that we may process your warranty request.

How State Law Applies - This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. The foregoing warranty shall be exclusive and in lieu of any other warranty, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and all other warranties otherwise arising by operation of law, course of dealing, custom, trade, or otherwise. Neither the seller nor the manufacturer shall be liable for any consequential damages or losses arising from the purchase, installation and/or use of this product.