Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information:

Q. What does Direct Contact mean?

A. Direct Contact design ensures your mattress will conform perfectly to your body, providing rejuvenating support and comfort for years to come. With Direct Contact there is nothing between you and comfortable sleep because all of the best materials are right at the top of the mattress, where you need them the most. With Direct Contact you will can fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Q. What is Cool Touch technology?

A. The CoolTouch GEL Memory Foam Collection has been designed using our advanced Gel technology that uses "chilling beads" to maintain balanced body temperature. Combining the benefits of our ventilated and open-cell design, CoolTouchGEL Memory Foam is 12x more breathable than any other nationally advertised memory foam product.

Q. What is the mattress fabric material?

A. We use snowstorm cooling fabric to guarantee the best regulate body temperature during sleep.

Q. Is the mattress Certipur-US certify?

A. Our product is certified by Certipur to be eco-friendly and does not use harmful chemicals. The superior durability of this high quality design is backed by our industry leading 20 Year Warranty.

Mattress Care:

Q. How to open the bed-in-the box at the first time?

A. The product arrives at front door in a 20x20x42 box. The mattress is wrapped inside a plastic bag and the Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy and Mattress Care Guidelines is included. Just take the mattress out of the box, then unfold and mattress inflated to full size. If question, please contact our Customer service department at 866-377-7694 (toll free) for more information.

Q. What are the Do and Not-to-dos?

A. Please refer to the Mattress Care Guidelines or contact our Customer service department at 866-377-7694 (toll free) for more information.

Q. How long can we expect the mattress last?

A. The average of a new mattress life expectancy is between 8-10years.

Shipping information:

Q. How does the mattress arrive?

A. We normally ship the mattress in a 20x20x42 box. It normally arrives at your front door between 1 and 7 day shipping schedule based on your location geographically.

Q. Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

A. Yes. We do ship to these states. It may take 7 days plus from the day the order was placed to ship.

Q. How much is shipping cost?

A. The shipping of mattress is free of charge.

Q. What is the sales tax?

A. We apply 8.25% tax to the final cost of the product before shipping.

Q. How long does it take to ship?

A. Please see the shipping information below. Basically, it normally take anywhere between 1 – 7 days to ship depending on the state.

US Shipping Map

Incentive Program:

In order to show our appreciation, every customer that purchases a mattress will receive a smart fitness watch, valued at $50, while supplies last.  

Return and Refund Policy:

Q. What is the return and refund policy?

A. Customers may return their mattress after 30 days (and up to 100 days) of usage. Customers should contact the support center at (866)-377-7694 if they wish to return or exchange for another mattress.

For returns, we will schedule the pickup at your residence with a local charity organization. We will refund your purchase in full 3 business days after the mattress has been picked up.  

Coziano also offers a one-time exchange policy.  We pick up the unboxed mattress then ship a new mattress of the same size to your home at no cost. The exchanged product cannot be returned for a full refund.

Warranty Information:

The product comes with the manufacturer’s warranty policy. Please refer to the brochure comes with the product for more information.