You’re Choosing Sheets Wrong. Here’s How It’s Really Done


Newsflash! There’s more to your sheets than their pretty, retro or simple design—depending on what you’re into. Your mattress isn’t the only one working to make sure you get a decent amount of shut-eye. The quality of your sheets is almost, if not just as important as your mattress, as they both work together to help you get a comfortable night’s sleep.

Now you may not have considered this because they’re just a piece of material that you cover with, right? Wrong. Your skin comes in direct contact with your sheets every night and midday for the nappers, they keep you warm, and they are even a major source of comfort at times. That being said, who wants their sleep on sheets that get bumpy after a few nights?

Choosing the best sheets for your bed starts with three considerations: material, thread counts and weave.


For ultimate comfort at night, you need to understand the quality of cotton you’re sleeping on. 100% Egyptian cotton is the highest grade that will make you feel like butter in your bed. Pima is the second best type of cotton and then there’s the standard American upland cotton, which is less expensive and has a slightly rougher feel. Bamboo blends have become popular recently due to its ability to maintain its quality and strength. The lightness of linen makes it a great option for warm seasons, just be prepared to grab the iron.

Thread Count

Myth: The higher the thread count, the softer the sheets—always. This can be true in some cases, but not all because material trumps thread count. If you’re deciding between Egyptian cotton sheets with a low thread count and upland cotton with a higher thread count, Egyptian will always come out on top. Don’t get us wrong, thread count does matter but in cases like this, it shouldn’t be your deciding factor. 


Unlike the previous two, choosing the weave of your sheets depends solely on your personal taste. So here are your options:

Sateen: a slightly heavy yet soft and lustrous weave with a slight sheen, that’s perfect for people who easily get cold.

Percale: a crisp, cool weave with a matte finish that suits people who tend to feel warm at night.

If all else fails just go out to the stores and test them out. If you don’t like the way they feel on your skin in the store, you most definitely won’t like how they feel on your bed.


Compliment your new sheets with a new, comfy mattress to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on any day.


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