3 Reasons to Include Naptime in Your Daily Routine


Most of us find it easy to take a power nap on a weekend afternoon, but struggle to schedule this time into our hectic workweek. But, we should. There’s a reason naptime used to be a scheduled part of the day for pre-school students. Developing a regular sleeping schedule is beneficial to our health no matter our age. As adults, we often end the workday tired, stressed, and irritated. Why? Science tells us that we just need to take a short power nap to regroup.

Here’s why adults should join the ranks of babies everywhere who nap regularly:

It’s good for your health

Looking for an easy way to reduce blood pressure and combat heart attacks? Try napping regularly. A recent study evaluated 400 men who took a regular midday nap. Results revealed that blood pressure readings were approximately 5% lower among the nappers compared to their co-workers who stayed awake the entire day. We all need to take a few minutes away to rest during the day, and a 20-minute snooze session on your lunch hour will enhance productivity and encourage the creative juices to flow.

You’ll be less irritable

We’ve all heard the frustrated mother tell her cranky child that they need a nap. The same holds true for adults. Even the loss of a few hours of sleep at night can impair our judgment, slow our reaction time, reduce concentration and increase irritability and disruptive behavior at the office. Do your coworkers a favor: take one for the team, forgo the coffee and take a short power nap on your break or lunch hour.

It helps your skin

Missing sleep at night is unkind to your skin. When you do not get enough sleep, your body’s cortisol levels are often higher, which can impact the elasticity of your skin. Say goodbye to puffy eyes by turning in earlier at night. Sleep deprivation can also cause fine lines, dark circles under the eyes and lifeless skin. So, going to bed earlier can keep your skin smoother and your entire body feeling better.


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